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Ruth Unaegbu, MA, RCC

Walking With You Toward Healing, Wholeness & Transformation

The idea of counselling is often scary and overwhelming. At the same time, counselling can change your life for the better. I am here for you. As your counsellor, I will collaborate with you, utilizing your strengths, to help you bring transformation. I help individuals, couples, and families restore, equip, transform, and sustain their lives and their overall health.

Welcome to Ruth Unaegbu Counselling & Coaching

Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within. - Dr. Gabor Mate

You are the expert of your own life. It's my job to support you and help you realize and utilize your strengths. It's my job to walk alongside you as you learn to manage your emotions, address your concerns, and create meaningful change. It's my job to hold space for you as you navigate this journey. And it's my pleasure to do so.


Hi, I am Ruth! Welcome!

I am a registered clinical counsellor (RCC #12132) in the Greater Vancouver area and the owner and founder of REST Counselling Group. I specialize in working with a variety of people who are looking to navigate the ups and downs of life, loss, overwhelm, and transformation. I am trained in various modalities including Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), Brainspotting, and Gottman Couples Therapy.


Caregiver Counselling

Helping parents and caregivers connect with their children, young or old. For the caregiver who is looking to reduce conflict, increase connection, & improve communication.


Athlete Counselling

Helping athletes navigate sports-related pressures and challenges. For the athlete who is looking to improve performance, increase confidence, and find strength.



Counselling for actors, musicians, and other performing arts/creative individuals. Helping artists navigate their own creativity, performance anxiety, and occupational stress.

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